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Croatia’s coastline is dotted with more than 1000 islands, however Bijela stands out for its magnificence and fascinating structure. Situated in the Central Adriatic close to Break up, Bijela Island is surrounded by unspoiled and protected waters and boasts a 600 sq. meter castle. Whereas the castle is in need of renovations (the property can be prolonged to 900 square meters), it presents potential patrons with the opportunity to remake this property into the proper European retreat.

Electricity is already in place on the island as is water from a big stone tank. A small berth is in place for small boats and has the potential to be expanded and prolonged permitting for bigger crafts.

The Cut up and Dalmatia area close to where Bijela Island is located is gaining recognition as a refuge for the ultra wealthy with movie star yachts changing into a more frequent site. The town vintage stone island clothing itself is already famous for nightlife and tourism with a host of European and worldwide restaurants to select from. And just inland spectacular surroundings together with towering karst formations dot the majestic landscape. All of those wonders are only a brief boat trip type Bijela Island.

The islands and coastal areas around Split have a Mediterranean climate whereas just a little bit further inland most areas have temperate continental climate with warm summers with and cooler winters. Croatia’s terrain is diverse with flat plains alongside the Hungarian border and low mountains and highlands near the Adriatic coastline.

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vintage stone island clothing

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