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Xipeng Shen’s Homepage @ NCSU

Xipeng Shen is an affiliate professor at the pc Science Department, North Carolina State College (NCSU), and an adjunct affiliate professor at the ECE department, NCSU. He is a receipt of the DOE Early Profession Award, NSF Profession Award, and Google School Analysis Award. He is an ACM Distinguished Speaker, and a senior member of IEEE. Previous to joining NC State in 2014, Shen was the Adina Allen Time period Distinguished Affiliate Professor at the College of William and Mary. He spent his first sabbatical year in M.I.T., and has served on the Technical Advisory Board or as a marketing consultant to multiple industry companies (e.g., Huawei, Intel, Microsoft, Cisco.) He received his Ph.D. in Pc Science from University of Rochester in 2006.

Chic Design Stone Island Pullover Mens Dark GreenXipeng Shen’s research lies in the broad fields of Programming Programs and Machine Studying, with an emphasis on enabling extreme-scale information-intensive computing and clever portable computing by means of improvements in compilers,runtime systems, and Machine Studying algorithms. His current analysis focuses on Heterogeneous Massively Parallel Computing, High Efficiency Machine Studying, and Excessive-Degree Giant-Scale Program Optimizations. He leads the image analysis group. He’s part of the NCSU Systems Laboratory. According to the latest Laptop Science Rankings (based on the publications at the most impactful research venues), the system research in the pc Science Department at NCSU ranked No. 18 within the U.S..


1. 2016 ACM Distinguished Speaker
2. 2015 Google School Analysis Award
three. 2012 Adina Allen Time period Distinguished Affiliate Professor (Faculty of William and Mary)
four. 2011 DOE (Division of Power) Early Profession Award
5. 2010 NSF (National Science Foundation) Profession Award
6. 2010-2016 IBM CAS College Fellow
7. 2010 ACM PPoPP Greatest Paper Award

Recent Skilled Actions

Program Committees: PLDI’18, PPOPP’18, ECOOP’18, CC’18, IPDPS’18, ASPLOS’17, PACT’17, SC’17, CCGrid’17, IPDPS’17, Cluster’17, WWW’17 (PhD Symposium), ASPLOS’16, PACT’16 (Computer & SRC), ICS’sixteen, ECOOP’16 (ERC), CCGrid’sixteen, CC’sixteen, ICPP’sixteen, PACT’15, SC’15, PLDI’15 (ERC), ASPLOS’15, CGO’15, IISWC’15, IPDPS’15, ICPP’15, LCPC’15, CCGrid’15, PPOPP’15 (ERC), Micro’14 (ERC), PLDI’14, PACT’14, PPOPP’14, IPDPS’14, ICPP’14, LCPC’14, BigIdeas’14, AsHES’14
Organizing Committees: ASPLOS’2018 (General Co-Chair), IBM CDP Workshop’2016 (Chair), ICPADS’2016 (Program Co-Chair), ICPP’16 (Program Co-Chair of Programming Techniques Monitor), LCPC’15 (Organizing Co-Chair), CCGrid’15 (Program Vice Co-Chair of Programming Fashions and Runtime Systems), PACT’15 (SRC committee), ASPLOS’15 (SRC Judge), CGO’thirteen (Publication Chair), ICPP’12 (Program Vice Co-Chair of Compilers & Runtime observe), MSPC’eleven (Computer Co-Chiar), PPOPP’12 (Workshops & Tutorials Chair), ICS’11 (Workshops & Tutorials Chair), PACT’11 (ACM Student Research Competitors Chair), IISWC’10 (Publications Chair), PACT’09 (Posters and ACM Student Research Competitors Chair)

Panelists: DOE’17, NSF’16, NSF’15, NSF’14, DOE’14, DOE’eleven, NSF’eleven, IISWC’10, NSF’09, NSF’08
Research Pursuits

1. Extreme-Scale, Data-Intensive Computing
2. High Performance Machine Learning
3. Accelerator-Based Heterogeneous Excessive Performance Computing (e.g., GPU)
four. Information Locality, Reminiscence Hierarchies, and Memory Management
5. Virtual Machines and Just-In-Time Compilation
6. Program Dynamic Optimizations and Parallelization
7. Program Section Evaluation

Current and Selected Publications (full list of publications)

[ICDM’17]”LCD: A fast Contrastive Divergence Based mostly Algorithm for Restricted Boltzmann Machine”, Lin Ning, Randall Pittman, Xipeng Shen, The IEEE International Conference on Information Mining, New Orleans, USA, Nov 18-21, 2017. [To appear]
[OOPSLA’17]”GLORE: Generalized Loop Redundancy Elimination upon LER-Notation”, Yufei Ding, Xipeng Shen, OOPSLA on the ACM SIGPLAN conference on Programs, Programming, Languages and Purposes: Software for Humanity (SPLASH), Vancouver, Canada, Oct 22-27, 2017. [To appear]
[SC’17]”Egeria: A Framework for Automated Synthesis of HPC Advising Tools by means of Multi-Layered Natural Language Processing”, Hui Guan, Xipeng Shen, Hamid Krim, The International Convention for prime Efficiency Computing, Networking, Storage and Evaluation, Denver, USA, Nov 12-17, 2017. [PDF]
[MICRO’17] “VersaPipe: A Versatile Programming Framework for Pipelined Computing on GPU”, Zhen Zheng, Chanyoung Oh, Jidong Zhai, Xipeng Shen, Youngmin Yi, Wenguang Chen, The 50th Annual IEEE/ACM Worldwide Symposium on Microarchitecture, Boston, USA, Oct 14-18, 2017. [To seem]
[MICRO’17] “Environment friendly Assist of Place Independence on Non-Risky Memory”, Guoyang Chen, Lei Zhang, Richa Budhiraja, Xipeng Shen, Youfeng Wu, The 50th Annual IEEE/ACM International Symposium on Microarchitecture, Boston, USA, Oct 14-18, 2017. [To appear]
[PLDI’17] “Generalizations of the idea and Deployment of Triangular Inequality for Compiler-Based Energy Discount”, Yufei Ding, Hui Guan, Lin Ning, Xipeng Shen, the 38th annual ACM SIGPLAN conference on Programming Language Design and Implementation, Barcelona, Spain, June 18-23, 2017. [PDF]
[ICDE’17] “Candy KNN: An Efficient KNN on GPU by way of Reconciliation between Redundancy Elimination and Regularity”, Guoyang Chen, Yufei Ding, and Xipeng Shen, The annual IEEE Worldwide Conference on Knowledge Engineering, San Diego, CA, April 19-22, 2017. [PDF]
[IPDPS’17] “Co-Run Scheduling with Power Cap on Built-in CPU-GPU Methods”, Qi Zhu, Bo Wu, Xipeng Shen, Li Shen and Zhiying Wang, thirty first IEEE Worldwide Parallel and Distributed Processing Symposium, Orlando, Fl, Might 29–June 2, 2017. [to appear]
[PPoPP’17] “EffiSha: A Software program Framework for Enabling Efficient Preemptive Scheduling of GPU”, G. Chen, Y. Zhao, X. Shen, H. Zhou, the 22nd ACM SIGPLAN Symposium on Principles and Apply of Parallel Programming, Feb 2017. [PDF]
[TC’16] “Optimizing Data Placement on GPU Memory: A Portable Method”, G. Chen, X. Shen, B. Wu, D. Li, IEEE Transactions on Computer systems, DOI: 10.1109/TC.2016.2604372, 2016. [PDF]
[TACO’16] “Inspecting and Reducing the Influence of Sampling Errors on Feedback-Driven Optimizations”, M. Zhou and B. Wu and X. Shen and Y. Gao and G. Yiu, ACM Transactions on Architecture and Code Optimization, 2016. [PDF]
[ECOOP’sixteen]”In the direction of Ontology-Based Program Evaluation”, Yue Zhao, Chunhua Liao, Xipeng Shen, The European Convention on Object-Oriented Programming, 2016.[PDF]
[ICS’sixteen] “Coherence-Free Multiview: Enabling Reference-Discerning Information Placement on GPU”, Guoyang Chen, Xipeng Shen, ACM International Convention on Supercomputing, 2016.[PDF]
[Micro’15] “Free Launch: Optimizing GPU Dynamic Kernel Launches by means of Thread Reuse”, Guoyang Chen, Xipeng Shen, The 48th Annual IEEE/ACM Worldwide Symposium on Microarchitecture, Waikiki, Hawaii, USA, Dec, 2015.[PDF]
[ICML’15] “Yinyang Ok-Means: A Drop-In Replacement of the Traditional Okay-Means with Consistent Speedup”, Yufei Ding, Yue Zhao, Xipeng Shen, Madan Musuvathi, Todd Mytkowicz, The 32nd Worldwide Convention on Machine Learning, Lille, France, July 06-eleven, 2015. [PDF]
[VLDB’15] “Top: A Framework for Enabling Algorithmic Optimizations for Distance-Related Problems”, Yufei Ding, Xipeng Shen, Madan Musuvathi, Todd Mytkowicz, the 41st International Convention on Very Large Information Bases, Kohala Coast, Hawaii, August, 2015.[PDF]
[ICS’15] “Enabling and Exploiting Versatile Activity Assignment on GPU via SM-Centric Program Transformations”, Bo Wu, Guoyang Chen, Dong Li, Xipeng Shen, Jeffrey Vetter, ACM Worldwide Conference on Supercomputing, Newport Seashore, CA, 2015. (25% acceptance charge) [PDF]
[HotOS’15] “Software Engagement with Sleeping CPUs”, Qi Zhu, Meng Zhu, Bo, Wu, Xipeng Shen, Kai Shen, Zhiying Wang, the fifteenth Workshop on Sizzling Subjects in Working Systems, Kautause Ittigen, Switzerland, May, 2015. (32% acceptance charge) [PDF]
[IEEE/Micro’15] “Enabling Portable Optimizations of information Placement on GPU”, Guoyang Chen, Bo Wu, Dong Li, Xipeng Shen, Juy/August Subject, the Heterogeneous Computing special subject of IEEE Micro, 2015.
[PLDI’15] “Autotuning Algorithmic Choice for Input Sensitivity”, Yufei Ding, Jason Ansel, Kalyan Veeramachaneni, Xipeng Shen, Una-Might O’Reilly, Saman Amarasinghe, the 36th annual ACM SIGPLAN convention on Programming Language Design and Implementation, Portland, Orgon, June thirteen-17, 2015. (19% acceptance charge) [PDF]
[ASPLOS’15] “On-the-Fly Principled Speculation for FSM Parallelization”, Zhijia Zhao, Xipeng Shen, The 20th Worldwide Convention on Architectural Support for Programming Languages and Operating Programs, Istanbul, Turkey, March 14-18, 2015. (17% acceptance charge) [PDF]
[Micro’14] “PORPLE: An Extensible Optimizer for Portable Data Placement on GPU”, Guoyang Chen, Bo Wu, Dong Li, Xipeng Shen, The 47th Annual IEEE/ACM International Symposium on Microarchitecture, Cambridge, UK, December, 2014. (19% acceptance charge) [PDF]
[OOPSLA’14] “Space-Environment friendly Multi-Versioning for Enter-Adaptive Feedback-Driven Program Optimizations”, Mingzhou Zhou, Xipeng Shen, Yaoqing Gao, Graham Yiu, SPLASH/OOPSLA, Portland, 2014. (28% acceptance rate) [PDF]
[OOPSLA’14] “Name Sequence Prediction by means of Probabilistic Calling Automata”, Zhijia Zhao, Bo Wu, Mingzhou Zhou, Yufei Ding, Jianhua Sun, Xipeng Shen, Youfeng Wu, SPALSH/OOPSLA, Portland, 2014. (28% acceptance fee) [PDF]
[Ubicomp’14] “SatScore: Uncovering and Avoiding a Principled Pitfall in Responsiveness Measurements of App Launches”, Zhijia Zhao, Mingzhou Zhou, Xipeng Shen, The 2014 ACM International Joint Conference on Pervasive and Ubiquitous Computing, Seattle, WA, 2014. (%14 acceptance rate) [PDF]
[ASE’14] “Localization of concurrency bugs using shared reminiscence access pairs”, Wenwen Wang, Zhenjiang Wang, Chenggang Wu, Pen-Chung Yew, Xipeng Shen, Xiang Yuan, Jianjun Li, Xiaobing Feng, Yong Guan, the twenty ninth IEEE/ACM Worldwide Conference on Automated Software Engineering, Sept, 2014, pages 611-622. [18% settle for charge]
[ASPLOS’14] “Difficult the “Embarrassingly Sequential”: Parallelizing Finite State Machine-Based Computations via Principled Hypothesis”, Zhijia Zhao, Bo Wu, Xipeng Shen, the Nineteenth International Conference on Architectural Support for Programming Languages and Working Methods, Salt Lake city, 2014. (23% acceptance fee) [PDF]
[ASPLOS’14] “Finding the Restrict: Inspecting the Potential and Complexity of Compilation Scheduling for JIT-Based mostly Runtime Techniques”, Yufei Ding, Mingzhou Zhou, Zhijia Zhao, Sarah Eisenstat, Xipeng Shen, the Nineteenth International Convention on Architectural Help for Programming Languages and Operating Techniques, Salt Lake City, 2014. (23% acceptance rate) [PDF]
[TACO’14] “HPar: A Practical Parallel Parser for HTML”, Zhijia Zhao, Michael Bebenita, Dave Herman, Jianhua Sun, Xipeng Shen, ACM Transactions on Architecture and Code Optimization, 2014. [PDF] (invited to current at HiPEAC’14)
[PACT’13] “Exploring Hybrid Reminiscence for GPU Power Effectivity via Software program-Hardware Co-Design”, Bin Wang, Bo Wu, Yizheng Jiao, Dong Li, Xipeng Shen, Weikuan Yu, Jeffrey Vetter, PACT, Edinburgh, Scotland, 2013. (17% acceptance rate) [PDF]
[ECOOP’thirteen] “Simple Profile Rectifications Go A Great distance”, Bo Wu, Mingzhou Zhou, Xipeng Shen, Yaoqing Gao, Raul Silvera, and Graham Yiu, ECOOP, Montpellier, France, 2013. (25% acceptance charge) [PDF]
[PPOPP’13] “Complexity Evaluation and Algorithm Design for Reorganizing Knowledge to reduce Non-Coalesced Memory Accesses on GPU”, Bo Wu, Zhijia Zhao, Eddy Z. Zhang, Yunlian Jiang, and Xipeng Shen, PPOPP, Shenzhen, China, 2013. (18% acceptance rate) [PDF]
[CGO’thirteen] “ProfMig: A Framework for Flexible Migration of Program Profiles Across Software Variations”, Mingzhou Zhou, Bo Wu, Yufei Ding, and Xipeng Shen, CGO, Shenzhen, China, 2013. (28% acceptance charge) [PDF]
[OOPSLA’12] “Exploiting Inter-Sequence Correlations for Program Behavior Prediction”, B. Wu and Z. Zhao and X. Shen and Y. Jiang and Y. Gao and R. Silvera, SPLASH/OOPSLA, Tucson, AZ, 2012. (25% acceptance price) [PDF]
[PACT’12] “Speculative Parallelization Wants Rigor: Probabilistic Analysis for Optimal Speculation of Finite State Machine Purposes”, Z. Zhao and B. Wu and X. Shen, PACT, Minneapolis, MN, 2012. (2-page poster paper)
[ICS’12] “One Stone Two Birds: Synchronization Relaxation and Redundancy Removal in GPU-CPU Translation”, Z. Guo and B. Wu and X. Shen, ACM International Convention on Supercomputing,Venice, Italy, 2012. (22% acceptance charge) [PDF]
[PACT’eleven] “Enhancing Data Locality for Dynamic Simulations by Asynchronous Knowledge Transformations and Adaptive Management”, Bo Wu, Eddy Zhang, Xipeng Shen, The Twentieth International Convention on Parallel Architectures and Compilation Strategies, Galveston Island, Texas, USA, Oct, 2011. Acceptance charge: Sixteen% (36/221). [PDF]
[PACT’eleven] “Correctly Treating Synchronizations in Compiling Superb-Grained SPMD-Threaded Applications for CPU”, Ziyu Guo, Eddy Zhang, Xipeng Shen, The Twentieth Worldwide Conference on Parallel Architectures and Compilation Methods, Galveston Island, Texas, USA, Oct, 2011. Acceptance price: Sixteen% (36/221). [PDF]
[OOPSLA’eleven] “A Step In direction of Transparent Integration of Input-Consciousness into Dynamic Program Optimizations”, Kai Tian, Eddy Zhang, Xipeng Shen, 2011 ACM International Conference on Programs, Programming, Languages and Purposes, Portland, Oregon, USA, Oct, 2011. Acceptance price: 37% (sixty one/166). [PDF]
[TPDS’11] “The importance of CMP Cache Sharing on Contemporary Multithreaded Functions”, Eddy Zhang, Yunlian Jiang, Xipeng Shen, IEEE Transactions on Parallel and Distributed Programs. (accepted in March 2011; to look)
[ASPLOS’eleven] “On-the-Fly Elimination of Dynamic Irregularities for GPU Computing”, Eddy Z. Zhang, Yunlian Jiang, Ziyu Guo, Kai Tian, Xipeng Shen, the Sixteenth Worldwide Conference on Architectural Assist for Programming Languages and Working Programs , Newport Seaside, California, USA, March, 2011. Acceptance price: 21% (32/152). [PDF] [Slides]
[OOPSLA’10] “An Input-Centric Paradigm for Program Dynamic Optimizations”, Kai Tian, Yunlian Jiang, Eddy Z. Zhang, Xipeng Shen, 2010 ACM International Conference on Systems, Programming, Languages and Applications, Reno, NEVADA, USA, Stone Island Sweatshirt Orange Oct, 2010. Acceptance charge: 27% (forty five/164). [PDF] [Slides]
[TPDS’10] “The Complexity of Optimal Job Co-Scheduling on Chip Multiprocessors and Heuristics-Primarily based Options”, Yunlian Jiang, Kai Tian, Xipeng Shen, Jinghe Zhang, Jie Chen, Rahul Tripathi, IEEE Transactions on Parallel and Distributed Systems, 10.1109/TPDS.2010.193, Nov, 2010. [PDF]
[ICS’10] “Streamlining GPU Functions On the Fly”, E. Z. Zhang, Y. Jiang, Z. Guo, X. Shen, ACM Worldwide Convention on Supercomputing,Tsukuba, Japan, June, 2010. Acceptance fee: 17.Eight% (32/180). [PDF][Slides]
[CGO’10] “Exploiting Statistical Correlations for Proactive Prediction of Program Behaviors”, Y. Jiang, E. Zhang, Okay. Tian, F. Mao, M. Gethers, X. Shen, Y. Gao, ACM/IEEE International Symposium on Code Technology and Optimization, Toronto, April, 2010. [PDF][Slides]
[PPoPP’10] “Does Cache Sharing on Modern CMP Matter to the Efficiency of Contemporary Multithreaded Programs?”, Eddy Z. Zhang, Yunlian Jiang, Xipeng Shen, the 15th ACM SIGPLAN Symposium on Ideas and Follow of Parallel Programming, Bangalore, India, Jan, 2010. Acceptence charge: Sixteen.7% (29/173). [PDF][Slides] (Finest Paper Award)
[IPDPS’09] “A Cross-Enter Adaptive Framework for GPU Programs Optimization”, Yixun Liu, Eddy Zheng Zhang, and Xipeng Shen, 2009 IEEE Worldwide Parallel & Distributed Processing Symposium, Rome, Italy, Might, 2009. Acceptance fee: 23% (one hundred/440). [PDF]
[PACT’08] “Analysis and Approximation of Optimal Co-scheduling on CMP”, Yunlian Jiang, Xipeng Shen, Jie Chen, and Rahul Tripathi, the International Conference on Parallel Architecture and Compilation Techniques, Toronto, Canada, October, 2008. Acceptance rate: 18% (29/159). [PDF]
[PLDI’07]“Software program Behavior-oriented Parallelization”, C. Ding, X. Shen, Ok. Kelsey, C. Tice, R. Huang, C. Zhang, the Conference on Programming Language Design and Implementation, San Diego, CA, June 2007. Acceptance price: 25% (forty five/178).[PDF][Slides]
[POPL’07] stone island jacket age 2 “Locality Approximation stone island jacket age 2 Utilizing Time”, X. Shen, J. Shaw, B. Meeker, C. Ding, the Symposium on Ideas of Programming Languages, Good, France, January 2007. Acceptance rate: 18% (36/198).[PDF][Slides](7-page brief paper)
[ICS’05] “Lightweight Reference Affinity Analysis”, Xipeng Shen, Yaoqing Gao, Chen Ding, and Roch Archambault, in Proceedings ofthe Ninteenth ACM International Convention on Supercomputing (ICS 2005), Cambridge, MA, USA, June 2005, pages 131–140. Acceptance fee: 28% (forty two/152).[PDF]
[ASPLOS’04] “Locality Part Prediction”, Xipeng Shen, Yutao Zhong, and Chen Ding, in Proceedings of the Eleventh Worldwide Conference on Architectural Support for Programming Languages and Working Systems (ASPLOS XI), Boston, MA, USA, October 2004, pages 165–176. Acceptance charge: 14% (24/169). [PDF][Slides]
[PLDI’04] “Array Regrouping and Structure Splitting Utilizing Whole-Program Reference Affinity”, Yutao Zhong, Maksim Orlovich, Xipeng Shen, Chen Ding, in Proceedings of ACM SIGPLAN Convention on Programming Language Design and Implementation (PLDI 2004), Washington DC, USA, June 2004, pages 255–266. Acceptance price: 20% (25/127).[PDF]
[PR’04] “Learning Multi-label Scene Classification”, Matthew R. Boutell, Jiebo Luo, Xipeng Shen and Christopher M.

stone island jacket age 2

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