Stone Island New Fashion Men's Coats Black
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Stone Island New Fashion Men's Coats Black


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Stone Island New Fashion Men's Coats Black is considered to be the warmest and most fashionable coats. You will not feel cold in the winter as long as you wear it.
This Stone Island coat is characterized by the exterior mountain parka layer and the lighter insulative barrier. So you can wear them seperately. The two layers work in unison providing unrivalled protection against the elements.
As for the outer layer, it is made of Japanese sourced David-TC fabric and treated with an anti-drop finish this part acts as the protector in the first instance with the down filled jacket retaining body heat underneath.The outer layer is very useful as well, because it is the subject of a two-tier dying process which leaves it with a unique appearance and an unusual handle.
Finished with the iconic branding on the arm of the exterior layer.