Stone Island Men's Coats Dark Khaki Green
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Stone Island Men's Coats Dark Khaki Green


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Stone Island Men's Coats Dark Khaki Green is a high-grade Stone Island coat with a warm cap surrouded by wild raccoon fur.
The innermost superdense linning can prevent the small villi efficiently.
The down-proof fabric can not only prevent villi further by forming air buffer, but also can refect more body heat effiently to strengthen the effect of keeping warm.
Polyester fabric lining can increase the vapor permeability of Stone Island men's coat and enhance heat cycle. It can also keep the villi from coming out.
The fabric is waterproof and can resist radiation.
White duck down has been considered to be the a kind of fluffiest and warmest villi. The fluffier, the better warm effect. Fine texture and perfect feeling. Won't agglomerate after washing.
The black strap on the down cap enriches modelling feeling.
The reasonable match of zipper and buttons is absolutely warm and windproof.
Properly use high-grade alloy wear-resistant zipper.