Dragons And Dinosaurs

Stone Island New Fashion Men's Coats BlackHubPages br>Education and Science br>Historical past and sometimes they are shown interacting with people. However if they actually existed, shouldn we find proof of them in our fossil data? May dinosaurs be the premise for the dragon legends, and if that’s the case, wouldn it require dinosaurs and man to have coexisted not so very long ago? If they e completely gone, what wiped them out? The phrase Dinosaur did not appear within the English language until 1841, launched by Sir Edward Owens. Before then, they have been all the time known as dragons, which is why I going to show you that sure, dragons are for real and they should exist.

Let me start by assuring you that I’ve found the reply to the extinction of the Dinosaurs!. This theory makes more sense than the more mundane theories of meteors or lack of oxygen, and unlike the textbooks hypothesis, this concept is based on precise science! Here the way it goes: Given, the earth rotation is about 1000mph at the equator, however it is slowing down about 1/a thousand second day-after-day (Astronomy Journal, June 1992, p. 24;additionally International Earth Rotation Service). Therefore, if the rotation of earth is slowing down, then it used be a faster than it is now. Evolutionism hypotheses that the dinosaurs lived about 200 million years ago, thus basic arithmetic tells us fairly plainly what happened to the dinosaurs of evolution. Centrifugal drive threw them into house, clearly!

Legends of dragons are as previous as mankind and are universally identified. We find them mentioned throughout the Bible and other ancient literature. We find them depicted on historical pottery, with and without humans alongside. They e in cave paintings and cliff drawings, often shown as mounts or being hunted. The pre-Inca empire Ica stones depict each identified number of dinosaur and present males riding them or killing them. Of all of the creatures known to exist as we speak; reptiles, octopus, and squid never stop growing. Have been it not for the aging results of UV and X radiation, how large would these creatures get? Oddly enough, water blocks UV and X radiation, giving the biblical creation account some credence. According to the Bible, the unique creation had “waters above” separate from “waters below” – some type of a hydrosphere perhaps. This might have made the unique earth setting radiation free.

So shouldn’t we see large Octopi and Squid at this time?

On Christmas Eve, 1989, 12 survivors of a marine ccident within the southern Philippines had been recovered. All of them mentioned that a large octopus as huge as an imported cow rose from beneath and grabbed their boats pontoons. After the boat capsized, the creature re-submerged but did not attack any of the men. May an octopus really be massive sufficient to drag a ship into the depths of the ocean? The remains of a giant octopus (disputed) was found on the beach in St. Augustine, Florida in 1896. It was 200 feet throughout and weighed 5 tons (10,000 pounds). A whale killed near Seattle, Washington had in its stomach a single Octopus arm that was a hundred and fifty toes lengthy.

But what about land animals?

Human and dinosaur fossils have been discovered collectively all around the world. The Taylor Path (www.omniology.com) and the Dinosaur Valley State Park (alongside the Paluxy River in Glen Rose, Texas) present that Dinosaurs (or dragons as they e at all times been called) coexisted with man. Of course the human tracks found are generally larger than modern man foot (15-20 inches with a 6-foot stride, see additionally Valley of Giants by Dr. Cecil Dougherty). In Alaska, the frozen bones of a dinosaur had been uncovered – some petrified however others lightweight and still resh A number of different unfossilized dinosaur bones have been present in Alaska and Newfoundland Bylot Island. It’s not unusual to seek out (in the arctic regions) mammoths, frozen to the core – some nonetheless standing, some with meals still of their mouths, and regularly with food of their stomachs. An estimated five million mammoths are believed to be frozen in arctic ice. How chilly would it must be to freeze a wooly mammoth to the core before the internal meat even begins to rot? Based on frozen food scientists, it would have to be about -360 levels Fahrenheit. The Arctic is cold, however not that chilly. The proof suggests that the polar regions were not all the time cold, but when they froze, it was very sudden and very, very chilly. Only ice from area could produce a chill to that diploma. Could this be what decimated the dragon population?

One other discovery in Texas in 1934 was a stainless-steel hammer found amongst shells dated four hundred million years outdated. Both the strategies of relationship of the dinosaurs are flawed, or they were incredibly clever creatures expert in metallurgy. After all the earth was spinning three times faster then than it does now….so perhaps this hammer was produced by dinosaurs dwelling closer to the core?

Dragons in Literature
Dragons appear in much of our ancient literature. Some historic medicinal recipes call for dragon bones, or dragon saliva. Why put it in a recipe if the creature have been merely a myth? Gilgamesh is claimed to have slain a dragon. Yu (who surveyed and divided China after the good flood) dug channels to drain the marshlands and drove off the dragons and snakes. The Apocrypha guide of Daniel tells the story of Daniel killing the Babylonian dragon ith neither sword nor stick He made balls of pitch, hair, salt, and fat – then fed them to the serpent, causing it to urst asunder. Later, Alexander the nice wrote (326 BC) that when conquering what is now trendy-day India, his men have been scared by great dragons that dwelt in caves. A second-century Roman mosaic reveals two dinosaurs with necks entertwined. Beowulf was a well-known dragon-slayer who died combating a winged dragon at age 88, in 583 Ad. The Norwegian hero Siegfried slew the dragon Fafnir around a thousand Advert. Nerluc, France is named for an area hero who slew a dragon bigger than an ox with long, sharp pointed horns on its head.

One of the extra nicely-known manuscripts is that of Marco Polo. In 1271, Marco Polo traveled abroad seeking an inexpensive and high quality source of salt (he was from a merchant household). He lived in China for seventeen years. He wrote that the emperor of China raised dragons that pulled his chariot in parades. This incredible claim is supported by a 1611 Chinese language legislation establishing the position of 珐oyal Dragon Feeder If the emperor didn have dragons, this was one useless law.

Within the Bible ebook of Job, Chapter 40, there may be a description of Behemoth – the description of which appears to suit a Brachiosaurus, the biggest of the dinosaurs (up to 60 toes tall and about 100 tons). Job chapter 41 is devoted to Leviathan. By the outline given, it fits a dragon however for one factor – it dwells within the deep. Nothing about Leviathan defies the potentialities. Many deep sea marine creatures exhibit luminescence. Legends of such marine monsters have existed since ancient times.

In fact we have not solution to show these texts are in any means true or accurate, nor can we prove them unfaithful or inaccurate. Some accounts are simply straight odd. In 1572, an Italian peasant killed a dragon with a stick. Scientist Ulysses Aldrovandus obtained the useless body of the dragon and had it mounted for a museum show. It has been recognized as a Tanystropheus dinosaur.

Mysteries of the Deep
The waters have greater than their fare share of dragons hidden beneath. Hans Egede, Missionary to Greenland, sighted a sea monster off the coast of Greenland in 1734. Its head reached as excessive because the ships masthead; its body was as bulky as the ship, and three or 4 occasions as long; it had a long pointed shout and spouted like a whale; nice broad paws, and the body was coated with shells; its pores and skin very rugged and uneven. The below part of its body was shaped like a huge serpent and its tail was again as long as the ship. Another missionary to Norway in 1755, Bishop Erik Pontoppidan, sighted a sea monster as effectively.

Captain Peter M ┋uhae and crew of the H.M.S. Daedalus reported a 60 foot sea monster in August, 1848 when the serpent swam beneath their ship. In the 1850 , the whaling ship Monongahela out of new Bedford killed a 103 foot ea monster within the Pacific Ocean. It was stated to have two blow-holes, four swim fins, an alligator-like head, and 94 very sharp teeth. A second ship stopped to look at them cut it up and purchased their sea serpent oil, then went to port to inform the story. The Monongahela by no means returned.

In 1907, Arthur Henry Roston (who rescued folks from the Titanic) sighted a sea serpent off the Irish value near Cork. In one other incident, a German submarine sank a British steamer in World War I (July 30, 1915) and reported that after the ship sank and exploded an enormous sea serpent about 60 ft long shot out of the water. A 25 foot long creature washed up on the seashore in Querqueville, Normandy, France in March, 1934. About the same time, a younger plesiosaurus is reported to have been taken from a fishing web off Mudgee Seashore, Australia.

Might They Exist Immediately?
Africa is dwelling to the Likouala swamp in Congo and Zaire, 55,000 square miles of swampland habitat. There have been many reviews of dinosaurs still living within the swamp. Even the missionaries have been reporting them because the 1700 . Mr. F. Gobler, a well-known massive recreation hunter, returned from an expedition to Angola and reported to the Cape Town newspaper that there was a dinosaur within the Dilolo Swamps with the pinnacle and tail of a lizard. Dr. Roy Mackal spend $250,000 on an expedition into these swamps and returned to put in writing a e book about living dinosaurs (A Living Dinosaur? Seeking Mokele-Mbembe). In his ebook, he also stories Mahamba, a crocodile that gets as much as 50 ft lengthy.

The Amazon jungle additionally has its dwelling dinosaurs. In 1907, Lt-Colonel Percy Fawcett of the British Army was sent to mark the boundaries of Brazil and Peru. Within the Beni Swamps he reported an animal which he believed to be a Diplodocus, a story confirmed by the native tribes east of the Ucayali. He additionally shot a 62-foot Anaconda. In 1933, a 98-foot snake weighing 2-tons was killed. A picture printed in 1949 reveals an Anaconda in the Amazon River estimated to be one hundred fifty-toes lengthy.

Caddy is the nickname for a creature named the Cadborosaurus. It is claimed to roam the Cadboro bay and has been seen steadily off the coast of British Columbia and as far south as Oregon (Cadborosaurus, Survivor from the Deep). Not only are there many sightings on document, however the remains of a 10-foot long juvenile cadborosaurus was discovered in the stomach of a sperm whale. Adults are about 22-toes long. A baby (sixteen-inches lengthy) was even caught in a dip-internet. The man who caught it didn have a digicam and got tired of hearing the creature scratching his bucket all evening attempting to get out. Within the morning he drew a sketch and then threw it again into the water.

A 32-foot long 4000 pound dead creature was taken from the water near New Zealand by a Japanese fishing vessel in 1977. It has 4 large flippers, a fin working down its back, an extended neck, and small head. Many photos were taken and a commemorative stamp was made in Japan. Its DNA was analyzed and was 96% similar to a basking shark, which means nothing since people and apes are 98% similar in DNA however usually are not the identical creature.

The same creature washed up on Russia north coast after a storm within the arctic in October, 1994. It was 39-toes lengthy (The Australian, October 27, 1994 and in addition Stars and Stripes, October, 1994).

An unidentified evil harassed four males in three boats off Cape Sable Island, Nova Scotia, Canada. The monster was 40-50 toes long and chased them for over a mile with its head 15-toes out of the water the whole time (not a fish). It had a wide mouth with 4-foot tusks like a walrus in addition to different pointy sharp teeth about the size of a sharks. Its neck was 2-foot thick and they couldn inform the how is swamp so rapidly. Its eyes had been 9-inch diameter on the entrance of the head, not the sides like a fish. It was grayish-brown with a rough texture but no scales and was covered with barnacles.

One other lock Ness Monster washed up on the seaside on Block Island, June, 1996. It was 14 ft long but the bones were stolen earlier than scientists may properly analyze them (though images where taken).

The Scituate Sea Monster washed ashore November 16, 1970 in Scituate, Massachusetts. It was photographed then blown up by native authorities with dynamite. It was 50-feet lengthy and weighed an estimated 10 tons. Many locals showed as much as carve off pieces as souvenirs and many articles had been written about it.

A dead dinosaur with a neck 20 feet long washed up on Monterey seashore in California in 1925 (Skin Diver, November, 1989). The journalist who wrote the article bought his photos from the archives at Berkley. After publishing the article, he was asked to do one other. He returned to the archives and located that there have been now NO photos and no report that that they had ever existed in any respect! Those that examined it mentioned it as a sort of Plesiosaurus. An analogous creature was spotted off California by 12 males on a fishing boat in the 1930 .

And essentially the most disturbing of them all: In 1962 in Pensacola, Florida, five teen went diving on the Massachusetts wreck. One in all them survived after being blown off course in a rubber raft throughout a storm. He reported that they were then attacked by a sea monster with a neck 12-feet lengthy. The top was like a sea-turtle, brownish-inexperienced and smooth, with green eyes and oval pupils (Monster Hunt by Tim Dinsdale, 1972).

In 1969, fishermen on the city Island Bridge within the Bronx, NY spotted a creature a lot bigger than a whale swimming upriver. It was chased by harbor police however by no means captured (Mysterious America, Loren Coleman, p. 78).

Deep Lake Sightings
Lake Champlain also has such a monster (Champ) with a whole bunch of reported sightings (photo by Sandi Mansi, 1977, additionally Discovery, April 1998, p. 88). There are web sites devoted to this creature – each to show it and to attempt to debunk it.

Essentially the most infamous of all dinosaur sightings is the Loch Ness Monster. Over 11,000 sightings have been reported since the highway was constructed in 1933 and several other poor high quality photographs taken. Scientists who are usually not crippled by their perception system and have studied the phenomenon consider that it is a Plesiosaurus. Three submarine attempts have failed to seek out its den, however then once more the lake is 900-feet deep and pitch black. In 1972, an enormous diamond-formed flipper was photographed by researchers. But Loch Ness isn the one lake reporting these creatures, there are seven other lakes in Nice Britain alone. There are even reports of a marine monster within the English Channel.

Plainly many international locations have such creatures of their deep waters. Since 1973, round a hundred native Japanese have reported a monster like Loch Ness in Lake Teshidga. There are also lakes in China where they’re reported. Sweden has lake Ostersund the place one hundred fifty experiences by 450 folks of a Loch Ness-like creature have been made since 1635.

Closer to residence (my dwelling anyway) is Lake Okanagan in Canada the place Ogopogo has been sighted (In search of Ogopog, Arlene Gaal). The lake is 80-miles lengthy and Ogopogo has been seen by hundreds of people. It has proven up in sonar scans as 30 to forty-toes long however no good pictures have been taken of it.

Even nearer to my dwelling is the lake Pend Oreille Paddler, said to resemble the Loch Ness Monster. Lake Pend Oreille is longer and deeper than Loch Ness, twice as deep in truth. It is almost 1200 feet deep, 43 miles long, and 6 miles extensive on the widest point. It is usually home to a prime secret US Navy submarine analysis base.

Lake Erie also stories a handful of 罚essy sightings between 1985 and 1987. One among the most recent was September, 1990 (Pensacola News Journal, 9/30/90; also Kitchner-Waterloo Record, July 19, 1993), sighted by six folks on three separate occasions. They described it as black, about 35-ft lengthy with a snake-like head. A neighborhood taxidermist, Pete Peterson, discovered a lifeless creature on the shore and mounted it. He then sold it to Carl Baugh who has it in his museum in Glen Rose, Texas though he hasn displayed it as a result of he doesn know what it is.

There will all the time be believers and skeptics relating to creatures that we’ve but to prove conclusively. The Gorilla was as soon as believed to be a fantasy, as was the Platypus. Until we recuperate a recent dinosaur – or capture one, they will stay in the realm of cryptozoology. Until conclusive evidence is obtained, they’ll stay in the shadows with bigfoot.

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sendingAuthordlarson four years in the past from Priest River, ID


Tom 5 years ago

What an excellent read, I had to brush up on this. Interesting and informative, just like “real”truthful history needs to be.

Lewis 5 years ago

Sorry, but Brachiosaurus was NOT 60 feet tall and one hundred tons. The biggest estimates I’ve seen based mostly on fossils are 50 feet and forty tons. Sauroposeidon, a bigger relative was 60 feet tall, but was solely 60 tonnes at the most. Then again, the mysterious amphicoelias fragimmillis (known solely from a bone which is now misplaced) may have been up to 200 toes lengthy, 30 ft tall at the shoulder and weighed 135-150 tonnes.

Kimberly 5 years in the past

It has all the time struck me as the peak of arrogance to “know” that “fashionable man” is more intelligent than our ancestors. To suppose that mathematics, metalworking, art, architecture, and so forth didn’t exist earlier than the nineteenth Century (Industrial Revolution) is ridiculous. Have a look at Stonehenge, the Pyramids (Egypt and South America), oh – wait – they all imagine that these had been created by aliens.

There are a myriad of the reason why these societies collapsed, or why advancements were ignored/ridiculed. We should be cautious though, historical past proves that even essentially the most superior societies finally collapse.

Frankly, I like the idea that the Dragons of legend are the Dinosaurs of reality. Would love to see a few of the artwork exhibiting folks riding and looking them. Now we simply want a fossil of a winged dinosaur bigger than a Turkey.

camdjohnston12 6 years ago

Informative article.

Ignorance 6 years in the past

Yay! All that info appears so legit!

Here is what complete nonsense seems like: http://www.paleo.cc/paluxy/plesios.htm

rc 6 years in the past

To Alfie and Rented Halo:

You missed the point. The coexistence of people and dinosaurs offers way more credence and proof to a six-day creation than to evolution. Why do people want to take one thing so easy and straightforward (creation) and make it troublesome. You have to do numerous imagining and plenty of explaining things away to even begin to imagine in evolution. Creation is just really easy–it is so logical. Rented Halo, I’m significantly amused by your identify. You allude to being considerably of an ‘angel’, yet you don’t even acknowledge God within the creation of our universe. I am intrigued

Scituate High 6 years in the past

I grew up in Scituate and the sea monster you mentioned is greater than fable. The town is small and there are lots of of people who not solely checked out sea monster, additionally photographed it. Rising up, no one even doubted – it simply occurred and everyone knew it. I really hope as these type of “what the heck is it” animals are found we begin to preserve them, reasonably than what we did. WWWT? Thank God for evolution 😉


Class of ninety two Scituate Excessive.

kong 7 years in the past

sometimes i believe dinosaurs are dragons i mean not all dragons have wings. problaly the t-rex may fly and not all dragons breathe fireplace some breathe acid breathe.

(does are probably the most dangerous)

Shobi 7 years ago

Im actually glad I learn this text..

There is an attention-grabbing present on discovery now that’s known as

“Lost Tapes” And its all this footage from people who have died or have been misplaced to “monsters” and that i noticed one about the Japanese fishing boat…I personally imagine that its solely potential that there are nonetheless Monsters amongst us. If we havnt even seen every single human being alive on this planet face to face, whos to say there arnt crazy creatures on the market? Just since you can’t see it doesn’t mean its not real and I really just like the argument you present in this article…good job.

ketou 7 years in the past

very fascinating learn although i am not absolutely satisfied. Undecided if dinosaurs still exists in the unknown!

Darryl-Bruce: McDoWell 7 years ago

Kent Hovind is in jail because of his righteous stand for freedom of religion and its practise – Christianity, i.e. Biblical Christianity – within the USA. The BEAST doesn’t like this and can persecute souls like him. God bless him and those who help him. He has not defrauded anybody ‘rented halo’, so do some research before you spew your shit.

Spacegasp 7 years ago

In fact dragons are dinosaurs,after all people lived at the identical time.Who mentioned otherwise?OH!,,that is proper!The mendacity,conniving,globalists!(John Lennons music Imagine) It does take imagination to provide you with “hundreds of thousands of years”,”ice ages” “Siberian land-bridge”,”cave man”etc.,and many others. What a tired joke Darwinism is!

Just as enjoyable the second time round

Seazoria 7 years in the past from Kaysville, Utah, USA

dlarson spectacular hub. Very much loved this nicely thought out hub. In depth element and content material. It is straightforward to see how you have got so mare people following you. Great work.



There are other evidences buried within the coal mines that I did not point out. The stainless hammer (to me) was essentially the most attention-grabbing. There have been lots of “out of place” artifacts encased in coal.

One other attention-grabbing discover was reported in the July, 1954 situation of Coal Age, pp. 7-eight. The article discusses the invention of an historical tunnel system 8,500 toes beneath the surface of the earth, broken into and explored by miners within the Lion Coal Company’s Wattis Mine in Wattis, Utah.

There are quite a lot of finds and evidences that don’t fit present theories. Most of them are never studied or are dismissed. In a number of cases, they have been blatantly coated up.


Rod Martin Jr 7 years in the past from Cebu, Philippines

I really like dragon tales, dinosaurs and the like. Fascinating read, though not entirely convincing. Like one other said, it could also be nothing more than a fanciful correlation tying all of these parts collectively.

Have been dragons actual? I think the reply remains to be out on that one, however I believe we’ll all be stunned by the reality, if we ever find it.

From the descriptions of dragons in the stories of Jason and the Argonauts, Cadmus, the shipwrecked Egyptian service provider prince, and Medea, I would venture to guess that a dragon is a mechanical flying machine. Where would such a thing have come from? The only plausible (and that could be a generous stretch) supply is that of Plato’s misplaced island empire, Atlantis. My upcoming e book, Mission: Atlantis particulars not solely this connection, but the more plausible proof of an Atlantis-like event 9620 BCE.

Sorry – the jokes appeared to run counter to other things you were saying and i wasn’t certain for those who had been attempting to be humorous, or if the whole hub was facetious and you have been using “crazy” logic to indicate that you simply have been being sarcastic… anyhow – 😛 Nuance is lost in web textual content I suppose 😀

Stainless steel wasn’t invented until the early twentieth Century though… A stainless steel hammer found in an archeological site is planted/not legitimately of the era the earth is – perhaps dropped in an earlier dig (within the 1920’s) that did not attain full depth and perhaps re-buried? I dunno, however 1913-1914 would be the earliest a stainless steel anything could have been found wherever… Dinosaurs and people did not coexist in the best way you might be suggesting… I would not rule out the survival of very few dinosaur species (underwater almost solely) but humans never interacted with dinosaurs in any method that I can consider. Folks didn’t come about as we understand “folks” until lots of millions of years after the dinosaurs had been extinct… Plainly this hub – whereas very attention-grabbing and entertaining to learn – relies more on fanciful correlations and coincidences rather than laborious science. Please understand that I am not trying to be offensive by any means and my apologies if I did in any way.

rls8994 7 years ago from Mississippi

This was very attention-grabbing. I loved reading this! Great pictures.

Draygon 7 years in the past

The centrifugal power concept was an obvious joke, poking on the “200 million years” concept. It’s extra possible that they have been killed of by humans and massive local weather change.

The hammer remark was additionally a joke; the purpose was that dinosaurs would not be crafting/utilizing hammers, so it’s extra doubtless that humans have been residing at the same time.

The fraud needed to do with money. It does not make him incorrect on this… although he does use some questionable arguments at instances. There are numerous other organizations which have actual scientific evidence that supports the concept humans and dinosaurs/dragons coexisted, and that they’re probably nonetheless residing right now. I recommend trying up Solutions in Genesis as effectively as the Institute for Creation Research.

rented_halo 7 years ago from Eugene, Oregon

I’m really having a problem deciding whether you’re being critical or trying to be humorous. . . Kent Hovind is in jail for fraud is he not? You additionally say that dinosaurs/dragons had been killed off because centrifugal pressure flung them into space “clearly”? Do you critically think that is a possibility? You also cite the Texas Valley prints – which have been shown to be false and no different human/dino proof has been credibly verified and/or has been shown to be fraudulent or a hoax… Then you talk a few stainless steel hammer – probably created by dino’s with information of metallurgy?? You can’t be critical. . . Are you able to?

Nell Rose 7 years in the past from England

Hello, wow this is a great hub. I really like Dinosaurs and tales of this nature. I fairly believe that dragons are in fact dinosaurs. I have all the time mentioned it. An odd thing is, as you mentioned, that if Dinosaurs did not reside at the identical time as man, why is it that once they discover Roman swords, there are practically all the time pictures on the facet of the blade with dinosaurs on them? Also In 1930 I think it was, a fisherman caught a Celeocanth, which is a prehistoric fish! thanks for a really interesting hub. Nell

Authordlarson 7 years ago from Priest River, ID

Thanks for the comments. This Hub was based mostly on Kent Hovind’s sequence. There may be another webpage that also covers the same info, but Google has marked it as a menace sight so it is not safe to visit. I needed to take Hovind’s lectures into this discussion board the place further pictures could possibly be added “real-time” – if anyone has found anything new and attention-grabbing!

Dale Stuckwish 7 years ago

Sure, I believe what the Bible says about dragons, behemoth, leviathan, fiery flying serpents is true. Need to check out the guide, “Biblical Cryptozoology : Revealed Cryptids of the Bible”. It can be viewed on Amazon.com?books

Its_True 7 years ago

You hit all the main points that Kent Hovind did. From all this proof it’s true from a good friend his dad also reported in asia that he has seen a flying dinosaurs.

einron 7 years ago from Toronto, Ontario, CANADA

Wow! You might have loads of photos to show your point. The Bible did point out about dragons a minimum of 15 instances in the Bible. I do believe what the Bible says is true. The Chinese language additionally believe rather a lot about dragons. They’ve dragon dance in the new Year, named places like Dragon City in Chinatown and the years are named after 12 animals of which, one in every of them is the dragon. These born in the dragon year are supposed to be successful though Christians usually are not imagined to believe such issues.


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